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Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Safe?

March 16, 2014

Green coffee extract derived from the unroasted coffee beans thus the term green coffee. The extract offers plenty health benefits as well as helping people lose weight.

Roasting coffee beans enhances the aroma and flavor of coffee. However, chlorogenic acid, an element that plays special role in weight loss decreases during the roasting process.

On the other hand, green coffee beans are bitter and lacks flavor making people opt for capsules or pills to avoid the unpleasant taste. Green coffee beans gained popular when Dr. Oz introduced this natural supplement on national television supporting its weight loss effect by revealing the findings of his own experiment.

Prior to Dr. Oz experiment, there were few studies conducted and proved that green coffee do provide positive outcomes when consume regularly. If you are asking - where can i buy green coffee bean extract, then you should watch this video giving great advice.

Boost Weight Loss

 The number one benefit of green coffee extract is how it can boost the metabolism and control the release of glucose in the body. Based on the research of Gastroenterology Research and Practice, green coffee extract was effective in shedding excess pounds. Nonetheless, more studies are required to understand the process of chlorogenic acid in the body.

Protect against Alzheimer

A study done in 2012 by Nutritional Neuroscience showed green coffee extract protect the brain from disturbed energy metabolism in the brain. This is a risk factor that can lead to the development of Alzheimer.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Green coffee extract can lower blood pressure based on the study from Hypertension Research in 2005. They conducted the study with 117 mild hypertensive men. Either of them will receive a placebo or green coffee extract for 28 days. At the end of the study, there was significant decrease in those who took the extract.

Since chlorogenic acid in the green coffee is an antioxidant, it slows down aging and reduces inflammation in the body.

These are just some of the health benefits of green coffee beans. You can get your caffeine fix while letting your body burn more fat. Nonetheless, to be successful in your weight loss program, diet and exercise should never be excluded.